Enlarg-A-Graph - $35 (Montville, NJ)

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1960’s Fun Tracing Toy

The Enlarg-A-Graph by Emenee is a battery operated tracing/drawing toy. It comes with transparencies that are placed on a clear shelf inside the light box. The knob on the right will move this shelf up and down to enlarge the image to the size of your choice, which you then trace. Item number 4108 dated 1963.

CONDITION: The box has great graphics that are clean and bright, the flap on one end is almost completely gone there are several surface gouges and scrapes. Both the box and toy itself are very dusty having been found in an attic.

WHAT”S INCLUDED: This Enlarg-A-Graph comes with 40 transparencies, the four transparency themes that were originally included are: space travel, circus, farm and old west. (Additional sets were available through the mail)
The original pencils, eraser and trace paper are included along with original instructions and Service Card.
The toy comes with its original light bulb when new but we’re not sure if it still works (it has not been tested). The battery compartment is clean with no corrosion.

P.S. Most of the transparencies have curled but they can be flattened. There are three (Old West Town, Lion Cage & Spaceship launch) that I warmed with a hair dryer and then pressed flat against a cold granite counter top several times and they come out flat. Asking $35

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