Core i5 AI PC - $150 (River Vale)

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River Vale Road near Prospect Ave
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Corsair
Core i5-4670K @ 3.4Ghz, 8GB PC. Light weight gaming or general purpose PC. Can be overclocked.

Can be configured with either a single GTX 780 (3GB), GTX 1060 (6GB) or dual GTX 960 (4GB each) and running either Windows (128GB SSD + 500GB HDD) or Linux (2 x 128GB SSD).

Linux setup is running as an Ollama2 Open-AI server with stable diffusion for image generation under Ubuntu server. Drop the PC onto your network and you can point your browser to it for your own personal AI! This is not a serious AI server! The two GPU's lack the memory for speed or large query resolution. It's a bit of fun and a hobby project, but I used it as a coding assistant no problem. Stable diffusion for images is severely limited due to only using one GPU and having only 4GB/6GB of VRAM and 8GB main memory. It will generate images of a small size (512x512) perfectly fine, but larger will usually result in being out of memory. AI requires the 960's or 1060 and cannot run on the 780.

Windows can run either the dual 960's in SLI, or run the single 780 or 1060. Take your pick:

Windows with the 960's in SLI, or
Windows with single 780,
Windows with single 1080, or
Linux with the 960's and I will throw in the Windows disks for when you're bored of the limited AI!

The AIO CPU cooler propeller rattles a bit, but otherwise works fine. Since it's a core i5 you can switch to a fan and get the same or even better cooling with a cheap fan these days. Everything else is fine. Case is in great condition. GPU's are spotless.

Windows was cleaned and reinstalled.

Comes with 20" monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Sold as-is due to age.

$150 OBO

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