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Most business owners are like a horse with blinders - too busy chasing their own tail, they can't see the big picture. And I don't blame you. Who's got time to figure out the mumbo jumbo of digital marketing when you're out there, making dough and conquering the world?

But here's the nitty-gritty, amigo.

In this age of keyboard warriors and hashtag slingers, your company's digital presence is as important as a cowboy's trusty steed. Can't ride the new frontier without one. It's an adapt or kick the bucket scenario.

Now, hold your horses. I've got a deal for you.

You're lookin' at an Internet pioneer, a trailblazer who's blazed trails and won more digital showdowns than I can count on my fingers and toes. I've got 25 years of experience in turning the invisible into the unmissable. You have the gold mine. I have the tools to dig it up.

See, I've been in your boots, I've run my own gig and consulted for big city slickers. So I get it. I understand the unique landscape local business and national brands traverse. Not one size fits all, not in hats, not in marketing.

I craft strategies as unique as a tumbleweed in a sandstorm. It's all about sparking conversations in social networks, charming the pants off SEO, and turning curious onlookers into your loyal followers.

The digital world is as tangled as a Texas rodeo. That's why I'll help you cut through the clutter, spot the opportunities, and brand a blazing trail through the digital wilderness. The results are like a shot of good whiskey, instant and thrilling.

You can think of me as your modern-day marketing Doc Holliday, an expert in everything from SEO to lead generation to e-commerce. I can do a whole lot more than just talk a good game:

• SEO wizardry
• Keyword uncovering
• Link building
• Google Analytics wizard
• Google Local Maps
• Citation Building
• Schema construction
• Social media whisperer
• Blog Syndication
• Conversion rate acceleration (think digital steroids)
• Content strategies
• Email marketing
• Avatar creation
• Video marketing
• YouTube and video creation/optimization
• Pay-per-lead
• Pay-per-call
• Lead generation
• Landing page craftsmanship
• Niche and product scouting
• E-commerce marketing

But here's the real kicker.

I ain't some snake oil peddler. No sir, this ain't a magic show.

What I do is get to know your business, your customers, your markets, your dreams. I roll up my sleeves, dive in, and help you diagnose what ails your business. We can't cure the disease without knowing what it is.

And how 'bout this? I'll even give you a free consultation, no strings attached. Long-lasting partnerships and word-of-mouth praise are what I'm after.

If you're itching to take your business to the next level, mosey on over and drop me a line. But remember, I can't juggle everyone at once, so make sure to tell me what you're aiming to achieve and include your website for review - those messages will get the VIP treatment.

So, what're you waiting for, partner? Let's change the trajectory of your business.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this poster.

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