Keyboard Player Needed

You: an experienced keyboard player for our Classic Rock cover band. You should know how to fit in and work with other instruments in the band. That is, know when and where to play, when to take the forefront, when to lay back. We have a singer, so there is no reason for keys to double the melody. Know how to add tasteful fills and embellishments, comping, soloing, having knowledge of patches, and how to replicate sounds from popular Classic Rock songs.
Singing harmony is a plus but not required. We have a gig coming up on 8/21 and hope you can learn the songs by then, even if just the keyboard centric ones (songs like Hush, Superstition, Band on the Run, You Got Lucky). Right now there are about 10 songs that rely on keys, most of the other songs will benefit with the addition of keys. Going forward, you will have input about songs to add to our repertoire, and I am personally conscious of picking songs that have, or will benefit from a keyboard part.
Us: We are a group of 55-60yo players that have been together solidly for about 2+ years. We are not professionals but we are dedicated. We have had about 5 paying gigs, we have several paying gigs lined up, and more to come. We are not opposed to playing free for family or friends, or if some good opportunity presents itself. We are looking to eventually have 8-10 paid gigs a year. We play bars, parks, private parties, outdoor festivals, and are eager to add shows where we can. Right now, we have five shows booked for 2024 (one done already), with some other prospects in the works. We rehearse weekly at a studio in Wharton, NJ. We rarely miss rehearsal. We all have input about songs that we want to add to our repertoire. Sometimes you might not like the song that someone suggests, but if it’s something we can play well and will please a crowd, it gets added.
Our band consists of two guitars, drums, bass, vocals, and soon keys. We have our own sound equipment and a sound person. Our set list averages 30-35 songs to fill 3 hour sets, we have about 50 songs in our repertoire and it is growing. If you are interested, contact me and I’ll email you a song list and we can discuss details or questions you have.

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