Vocalist Searching for PUNK or HIP HOP Producers (Hoboken)

ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE! This is not paid work, btw.

I'm the assistant for Batsh!t, a talented, dedicated, exciting artist/ female hardcore punk vocalist in Hoboken and willing to travel out to NY/ NJ. She prefers to not work remotely.

She is looking for kindred spirits who are PRODUCERS to collaborate with in PUNK or HIP HOP. You don't have to like both, you can like either or. Currently with her music collaborator and he's great but always looking for more people to collaborate with.

Main influences for punk are the Sex Pistols, The Distillers, Snake River Conspiracy, Garbage, No Doubt. A bit of Alt rock too, not so much into pop punk and classic rock here, more British punk. Crazy, brutally honest, non-PC, sometimes funny lyrics. Some element of metal is good too.😁 If you don't like controversial, brutally honest and adventurous music, please don't come reaching out please.

For hip hop, we are looking for someone who's into late 90s, early 2000s energetic hip hop. Songs like Sisqo's Thong Song, Beastie Boys, Missy Elliot, Eminem. No trap, sorry. If anyone misses hip hop that way, please reach out! 😄

You can check her awesome! songs at @batshitmusicfilm on YouTube. Only reach out after checking out all THREE SONGS FIRST, PLEASE. And please prove that you have taken the time to listen. There are just too many times we are being approached without people even checking what kind of music she's going for. Or else, I won't be able to reply. And we do take the time to check people's songs out too. Thank you so much for understanding. Here is a video of her and the THREE links.




But NO FLIRTING pls, let's stay professional. Please message her on FB/ or iG @ batshitmusicfilm.

Please tell your tastes, what you play, if you use DAW and where you are located etc. Send us your music too.

If we do end up talking, Batsh!t and myself will be there too so that we are all on the same page.

Thank you for your time! ROCK ON! 🤟🏿

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