Guyatone MD2 Micro Digital Delay - $140 (MONTCLAIR)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Guyatone
model name / number: MD2 Micro Digital Delay
The control section of the MD2 is relatively simple to figure out and easy to use. Effect Level sets how present the echoes are in your signal, allowing you to blend them in as bold or as laid-back as you need, covering a multitude of musical genres. Feedback controls the delay’s repeats, going from subtle hints of delay to sprawling, ethereal soundscapes that slowly fade into infinity. If you’re feeling saucy, you can also crank this knob up for some wicked, analog-type self-oscillation as well.
The Delay Time packs a punch into this small footprint pedal, with a toggle switch addition to help you select the time. Choose from mode A, which boasts delay time ranging from 30-200ms, or mode B, which features delay times of 120-800ms. Mode A works great for slap back and shorter bursts of echo, while Mode B lets you run wild and explore the outer reaches of the universe with ease. The range on the Delay Time knob also lets you easily dial in the time you’re after, and can be switched to a completely different sound with the flick of a tiny switch.
Giving the crispness and clarity of a tape echo combined with the longer delay time of a digital, the MD2 Micro Delay gives you an entire range of classic delay effects, from slapback to washes of excess and everything in between. Also capable of cacophonous cascades of repeats, UFO-landings, ray guns, and other bizarre sound effects, this little guy hosts a wide array of sounds to experiment with, all in a neat, tidy and pedalboard-friendly package. Discontinued now by Guyatone and getting increasingly harder to find, don’t sleep on this mini gem if you stumble across one.

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