Metropoulos Metro-Plex Guitar Amp - $2,995 (HOPE, NJ)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Metropoulos
model name / number: Metro-Plex
Years of reverse engineering and R&D has all coalesced into George Metropoulos' modern day masterpiece, the Metro-Plex. Using his own '66 45/100, '67 Superlead, '69 Superbass and '70 Superlead as the templates, each important era of the famed 100 watt amp is now available in one amp. These are amps you can't create from schematics and data sheets. You can't even buy a replica this true in music stores. No production amp incorporates this level of detail or, in a word: obsession. You'll hear it immediately, you'll feel it deeply and your playing will respond sub-consciously. The final word in a Plexi replica: The Metropoulos Metro-Plex.

The Metro-Plex is a 100/50 watt head featuring a PLEXI mode w/ master, a MODDED PLEXI mode w/ master, a JTM 45/100 mode, a BOOST mode, a built in variac and built in FX loop. The master volumes truly allow bedroom volume without degrading the tone, like no other before. With this amp you have squeaky clean to full-on scream at your fingertips (and toe tips via the foot pedal).

The Metro-Plex is based on the tone of a 1968 Superlead played through a 1968 basketweave slant cab loaded with G12M speakers. NOTHING else sounds like this amp - until now. That tone is the heart of the new Metro-Plex amp, called PLEXI mode. Add in a circuit mod and you are in MODDED mode. Time for a solo, hit the footswitch for BOOST mode, a high voltage FET boost built into the front of the amp - and it has a separate master volume.

Also included in this design is Metropoulos' reknowned Zero Loss FX loop, switchable for pedal level or rack level operation. Foot-switchable.

- Each mode, PLEXI and MOD, has two possible voicings.
- PLEXI mode is selectable between the JTM 45/100 voicing and '68 Superlead voicing.
- MOD mode is selectable between the '68 Superlead voicing and Modded Superlead voicing.
- All the following combinations of voicings are accessible via the footswitch:

- 45/100 and '68 Superlead
- 45/100 and Modded Superlead
- '68 Superlead and Modded Superlead
- BOOST is a separate function, which can be applied to any mode. Think of it as a high voltage, clean boost in front of the amp. Just built in.
- Variac mode simulates using a variac to operate a plexi at 90V AC.
- Switchable for 50 or 100 watts output.
- Matching 4-12 and 2-12 cabs designed, loaded and voiced specifically with this amp.

- Output: 100 watts RMS, 150 watts peak
- Weight: 44 lbs / 20 kg
- Dimensions: 29" x 10.75" x 8.25" (736mm x 275mm x 205mm) (feet not included, add 1.25" to height)
- AC operation: 100, 120, 230, 240V AC 50HZ, 60HZ
- Inputs: high, low
- Controls: gain, treble, middle, bass, presence, master volume, boost gain, boost master
- Switches: power, standby, variac, mode ('66/'68, '66/MOD, '68/MOD)
- Outputs: speaker impedance, speaker jacks (2)
- Footswitch: 5 pin DIN, 230 degree, TRS (boost, mode), TS (loop)
- FX loop: send, return, level
- Power switch: 100W, 50W
- AC input: IEC
- Fuses: 4A slo mains, 1A slo high voltage, 1A slo gma internal

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