Ski Instructor (East Rutherford)

*** I teach all ages and all skill levels ***

I am a Free Style ski Instructor. I am not fixed on just one style of skiing, and use a variety of styles to demonstrate and teach.

Its traditional to start a beginner skier using the inside edges of the ski (wedge, snowplow), I start with using the outside part of the ski. This is traditionally taught later as a more advanced type of parallel skiing.

When skiing on your outer edges, the experience is literally translated from the same mechanism you use to walk. You already did the hard part when you learned to walk, I just help translate and interpret how. The experience is less like learning and more like remember you always knew how to do it.

With the assistance of my degree in Psychology and Philosophy, I have created a unique method of teaching where we trade in on the time draining 'school like' rigidness of form, for a more realistic approach.

Most the time I am able to get a non athletic type of person learning all the necessary basics (turning and stopping) within the first hour.

--Its that easy--

I have the goods !! And I'm not kidding.

My talent is not only skiing but also being able to communicate the ability so that all can do what I do. The only thing I love more then skiing is the opportunity to help people. This is a win for everyone.

I love this sport with all my heart and its an opportunity to be able to reach people and give them my knowledge so they too can enjoy it as I do.

I could get into so much more, but I don't want to lose anyone's attention. We can have private conversations through text, email, or phone call and I can go into whatever detail you may want.

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**I also provide a loaner set of skis and boots if needed.

Any questions please call, text, or email



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