Personal Trainer and Nutritionist (Belleville)

=======================MISSION STATEMENT=======================

Fitness is about the beauty of the human physique and the power of the mind invested within it. Building nature's suit of armor, one workout at a time, I'll advise that you don't come to me seeking comfort. You'll find no shelter or gimmicks with me. Just truth and pain preceding the halls of growth and progress--and if you can wipe your feet with the pain and move forward past that with faith, then read on.

I'm not a trainer. Dogs need trainers. I'm an educator and a motivator.

========Credentials and Background========

-Certified Personal Trainer
-University Trained (Biology)
-Fitness Model
-Sponsored Athlete

I've tried it all, know what works, and can teach you skills that will empower you with the confidence to change your body (whenever you choose) for the rest of your life. It starts with a decision in the mind and ends with manifesting the vision that you create for yourself. This is what real training is about: freedom to live life with belief in yourself that you can do the things you've decided to do and see with your eyes what you've envisioned with your mind. This scales up through all the arenas in your life and fitness is by far the easiest concrete practice to build up both your physical and emotional armor so that you can pivot into other challenges with the mindset that says: "Well, why wouldn't I be able to that? I've already done this."

Define yourself. I never forget that I began this process because I was weak. I spent too many hours alone in the dark-- powerless, depressed, and labeled a "wanna-be" by the people closest to me. But as the great motivational speaker Les Brown's high school story has proven true, "someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality." I made a choice to reinvent myself, and--in my own evaluation--have done so very successfully. We define ourselves. And you can choose to identify with what you see in the mirror--what everyone else sees--or you can choose to create and identify with a vision that you aspire to. The greatest you. Look to THAT person in your mind for strength when you need it and you'll find the greatness in you. And eventually, the mirror will start to agree. I did it. Millions of people do it. You can do it.

I grew up half my life on food stamps and the other half under the neglect and abuse of heroin-addicted parents-- but I drive an exotic sports car now, working for myself and loving life. I've bench pressed 430 lbs at 200 lbs bodyweight. I have a six pack when I want one. And I can guarantee that I'm a unique and interesting person unlike anyone you've met. I'm a wellspring of motivational speech and a limit breaker by nature. And I'm living my gift. If you think you can't do something, I will most certainly be the one to change your mind.

===============My Specializations and Services============================

Diet plans and an offer to look in-depth at WHAT makes a diet work so that you, with my guidance, can make YOUR OWN diet that caters to your preferences and not to a large audience. Guess what? ALL diets work and you have NO idea why. That's why they don't work for you. The reasoning involved is very simple to understand, luckily.

I'll give you a comprehensive look at the science of metabolism and teach you about the basics of nutrients all the way down to the cellular level if you care to learn. But the science is as simple as A + B = Weight Gain. Remove A or B and you remove weight gain potential. Very simple.

SMART Training.. why work harder than you have to? Symmetry, working with your genetic framework, stretching and breathing techniques, and posture work DO improve exercise effectiveness. You may need to do cardio. You may not. You may not even need to diet very hard. My training is very diverse. I may make an obstacle course one day then hold an old-school bodybuilding workout another day. I like to mix it up because your success is really hinged on your consistency, and if you're doing the same things week after week then it gets boring. I get it.

Boxing, kickboxing, and other sport-specific programs can be designed at your request. I do train minors for school sports, but that is on a case-by-case basis.

Supplement recommendations. Don't waste money on $50 thermogenics when you can get the same effect for $4 if you know where to look.

Meal Prepping. Yes, I'll cook your food for you and tell you when to eat it. Purchasing a meal plan is recommended to complement this service.

===================Steroid Coaching for Men AND Women=======================

I understand that performance enhancing drugs are a big part of the fitness community. If this is something you have contemplated before and would like to learn the realities behind the lifestyle of a top tier athlete, I would be happy to share my experience and to lend a guiding hand to those in need of help. Yes, they work...but not unless YOU do, first. I have a university background in both Biology and Chemistry, so I understand the pharmacology and have coached many every-day office working types to a six pack physique--safely.

Online Coaching $25/week

Training $40-$50 per hour// $30 per half hour
----Prices open to discounts with multi-session purchases----

Diet Plan and Training Program with Supplement Regimen -$100

Meal Prep $60/week - Contact for details.

I'm a person, not a corporation, so there's some flex in the pricing if I like you and believe you'll be a worthy investment for my time. Weekly, monthly, or per-session arrangements can be made, and greater discounts are rewarded for greater commitments. I do not travel.


Past clients have lost 20lbs per month (my friend Leo pictured above lost 60 in his first 3 months with me last year and boasts a 300lb bench press and 455lb squat now). I've seen 40lbs gained in 5 weeks for those looking to bulk up (the man in question was "tastefully modified"). Whatever you want, if you want it badly enough and communicate well with me, then you'll get it. Ain't easy, but it's simple enough to just do it. Strength and fat loss is a no-brainer. Come to me with SPECIFIC goals. Don't wander your way around toward me with a general interest in working out. As Zig Ziglar said, don't go through life as a wandering generality--be a meaningful specific. The more boldly chosen the destination, the more clearly drawn the map. And you're only ever going to hit the targets you aim at. . .so please, please, PLEASE don't waste my time calling me up and saying "Ehh..I dunno, I guess I just kinda wanna look better." Go brush your teeth and get a haircut. Mission accomplished.

===============ME AND MY GYM===============

Listen. I've done it all in terms of body shaping. Lean and athletic, chubby powerlifter, veiny and shredded bodybuilder. I've been all those people. Every physique has a price to pay and rules to follow. Simple as that.

All you do is color inside the lines (which I provide) and it's literally just a waiting game for watching the results roll in if you've got the guts. Obviously you'll be disciplined, dedicated, and daring greatly from the moment that you contact me. DECIDE you've already achieved your goals instead of "trying," a word I dislike vehemently, and you'll find that all other options besides success will fade. If you don't already have a vision, I can help you in creating one. . .but you've got to have an idea to start with.

Sessions are held in my 750sqft private (home) gym, located in Belleville NJ. I've invested thousands into renovating and equipping my garage with everything I would personally need to create the vision of myself that I had and have. I've never held a gym membership. Creature comforts include an internet tv for your fave youtube videos and a fireplace for the winter, but overall my gym is about as tough as I am. If you're looking for comfort, seek no shelter with me. That being said. My gym is well maintained and probably the nicest home gym you'd hope to own.

Instagram @Frank_Arrietta and you can probably see it in the background of my photos. I'm not big into social media. So I try to avoid it, BUT you can check me out on Instagram or I can send you photos via email/phone if you want some idea of what you're getting into. Or better yet, text/email me to schedule a phone conversation or a workout. Don't just call me, please. You're almost guaranteed to not get a hold of me. Let's agree to a time to speak like civilized humans and then we speak on the grounds of mutual convenience.

First session's free if you don't like me. Decide to start today and you can be in the gym with me tomorrow. Five or ten pounds lighter by next week. No run-arounds or flashy gimmicks. Just what works and a solid understanding of fitness await you.

===========LEGAL BS AND THE QUITTERS' CLAUSE============

Session length varies based on clients' needs. Trainer maintains the right to dictate session length on any given day and also dictate scheduling adjustments per trainer convenience. Payments are made on the first training day of the week, to pay for the full week or month up front, in cash or digitally via PayPal. Cancellations should be done 24hrs in advance or the session in question becomes forfeit (used). Cancellation of long-term training plans by trainer OR client, for any reason, will render a 50% refund of the remaining sessions paid for. Missed sessions will roll over so long as proper notice is given prior to missing the session. If a client fails to contact the trainer for 2 weeks without prior documented notice and no sessions are held with that client for the same period of 2 weeks or longer: due to client absence, the trainer has the right to deem the client in question as having 'quit' and is free to count those paid sessions remaining as forfeit (used). You agree to these aforementioned terms by consenting to train with me. The trainer and property owner(s) are not liable for any damages incurred to person or property resulting from the misuse of training equipment, malfunction of training equipment, trainer negligence, or improper execution of exercises under trainer's supervision.

Shoot me an email or a text to let me know your goals and we can set up a free consultation and training day as soon as possible.

Follow me on Instagram @frank_arrietta to see more of me, my gym, and my life.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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