Lawyer-Quality Paralegal-Service: 90% of a Lwyr 4 15%-20% of the Cost! (New York-Smart & Jersey-Tough, from Suffern, NY since 2010.)

license info: AAS Degree in Paralegal Studies (Made Dean's List), from SUNY // Rockland Community College, Spring 2002.
Lawyer-Quality Paralegal-Service
John Sovak, Owner
Suffern, NY 10901
(201) 934-3306

(I Conduct My Business mostly in the Afternoon and Evening.)
(I usually start around 2 or 3 in the Afternoon, and Finish around 10 or 11 PM.)
(If you call me in the Morning, you will almost certainly be leaving me a Voicemail.)
(I Apologize for any Inconvenience.)


Our Legal Research and Writing Services are uniformly of Attorney-Quality. --- New York Smart & Jersey-Tough.

We CANNOT REPRESENT YOU OR ANYONE IN COURT – EVER – but we CAN HELP YOU BEST Represent Yourself. --- The way that We Help You is by preparing the Legal Documents that you need to Represent Yourself as a ‘Pro Se’ Litigant.

Only YOU Know the Facts of your Matter as well as you do. --- Thus, NO ONE is Better-Suited to Represent you than you yourself, save the Legal Expertise required. --- That is where we come in. --- With our Help on the Legal-Skills and -Knowledge part of things, you can Competently Represent Yourself.

All for what is a Discount of about 80% to 85% OFF what a Lawyer Costs.

My Hourly Rates are, in most cases, about 1//7 to 1//5 of what an Attorney commonly Charges for similar Legal Research and Writing Services.

If you can Speak for Yourself on Your Matter, then you can probably Represent Yourself as a ‘Pro Se’ Litigant, and thereby Keep the Difference in Your Own Pocket.

We offer Lawyer-Quality Legal Research and Writing Skills to ALL ‘Pro Se’ Litigants and the General Public for the Bargain Price of (in most cases), as low as $81.82 per Hour. --- (This lowest Rate of $81.82 requires the Purchase and Use of 10 Full Hours of Professional Paralegal Time, which earns one Free Hour, or 11 Hours for the Price of 10. --- $81.82 = $900 // 11.)

For 5 Specified Areas of the Law: -- Administrative, Appellate, Criminal, Intellectual-Property and Legal Malpractice, the Hourly Rate is $115.00, which, after the 11-for-10 deal, is $104.55 (= $1150 // 11).


Ever hired a Lawyer and felt that you weren't really getting their all?

It is an unfortunate truth that many Attorneys sell-out their clients and make deals with their opponents, for other future work, for non-legal work, what have you, when they should be zealously representing your interests.

Even if your Attorney isn't Overtly Corrupt in the way that I just described, there is always the matter of 'Maintaining their Viability within the System'. --- What that means and refers to is that Every Attorney ALWAYS has to be very Wary of NEVER getting any Judge too mad at them, because they will almost certainly have to appear before that Judge again.

Lawyers thus have an Institutionalized Interest in Going-Along to Get-Along. And so that is what they All Always Do.

Paralegals don't have this problem -- EVER. We are Invisible in almost every circumstance. --- We don't ever have to worry about appearing before that Judge the next time because we won't.

I don't do any of that. --- If you hire me, you get the absolute best of me, at all times. --- I Will Fight Hard for You.


I graduated from SUNY / Rockland Community College's Paralegal Studies program in Spring 2002 with the AAS Degree in Paralegal Studies. I made the Dean's List.

I read most of The New York Times each day and watch the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour nearly-every night. I am well-informed about the topics of the day, and about the general political and legal atmosphere in each of the various counties here in the LHV. (You might be surprised about how often that can make a difference.)

I really do know "What's Goin' On?"

I grew up a good Catholic boy in Monsey, NY in the '60's and '70's. My Take-No-Prisoners style definitely emanates, in large measure, from being reared in a Town, like Ramapo, that values a certain Rock-Em, Sock-Em political and legal culture.

Today, I put those skills, and my wide and deep knowledge of law and politics, to work for you.

Full-Range Litigation-Support, to Consumers and Attorneys Alike

I provide all of the services required to prepare for, File and pursue any Litigation.

Pre-Litigation Planning

If you are worried about evidence disappearing unless you collect it before it gets a chance to, then you certainly should collect that evidence.

There are other benefits from creating a full Litigation Plan, but this step is not required, only advisable.

Pleadings Commence Litigation: -- The Summons and Complaint, Answers and even Replies

Pleadings are the means by which Litigation is Commenced. Usually this is by way of Summons and Complaint, but it can also be by Notice of Petition and Petition.

Answers are required in all matters, or else you Default in your own Defense, and can expect to have a Default Judgment entered against you.

Replies are essentially Answers Served and Filed by the Plaintiff in Reply Counterclaims or Cross-Claims stated in the Defendant's Answer.


Motions are requests for an Order.

One of the most important types of Motions is the Motion for Summary Judgment. Motions for Summary Judgment are the primary means of ending Litigation without Trial, and sometimes even without Discovery.

Some other types of Motions are for:

--------------------------- Vacating of Default Judgments;

--------------------------- Changes of Venue;

--------------------------- in Limine (to limit evidence admissible at Trial);

--------------------------- Recusal or Disqualification of Counsel or Judge;

--------------------------- To Strike Defenses or Answers;

-------------------------- To Overturn Verdicts Rendered by Juries (for a Directed Verdict);

-------------------------- For Reconsideration of a Prior Judicial Decision;

-------------------------- For Designation as a Poor Person for Purpose of Judicial Fees and Costs;

-------------------------- For Summary Judgment (Yes, I'm Being Redundant Here, but this one is that important);

-------------------------- This List is Just off the Top of my Head, There are More!


Discovery is the process whereby all of the evidence is produced and examined in order to measure it against the various standards for, first, a Motion for Summary Judgment, and then to win at Trial.

There are basically three (3) types of Discovery:

------------------------------------------------------- Demands for Documents, Records and other things;

------------------------------------------------------- Written Questions
-------------------------------------------------------- (formally-known-as "Interrogatories"); and

------------------------------------------------------- Verbal Questioning In Person
-------------------------------------------------------- (f-k-a "Deposition under Oral Examination").

Trial Preparation: the Trial Memorandum

The most essential document of Trial Preparation is the Trial Memorandum. The Trial Memorandum follows a prescribed format and describes all of the legal points that the Plaintiff must prove, the evidence to be offered to attempt to prove each factual allegation and the legal arguments supporting its admissibility and probity.


Before Appealing, you may well wish to ask the Trial Court for Orders granting Reconsideration of a previous Judicial Decision, or to overturn a Jury Verdict.


Every Litigant is entitled to one Appeal under the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, and under similar clauses of the several State Constitutions.

In the State of New Jersey, this Court is known as the Appellate Division. --- All Litigants have a Constitutionally-protected Right to their initial Appeal (commonly known as: -- ‘as-of-Right’), to the Appellate Division.

Appeals to the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey (the highest Court in our State) are not guaranteed to be accepted by the Court.


My Hourly Rate for ALL Premium Work: -- Administrative, Appellate, Criminal, Intellectual-Property and Legal Malpractice Work, is $115.00 per Hour. --- The 11-for-10 Deal still applies, and it lowers the Effective Hourly Rate to $104.55 per Hour (= $1150 // 11), once you Purchase and Use 10 Full Hours.

I hereby Offer you my considerable Legal Research and Writing Skills at my Hourly Rate of $90.00 per hour for ALL NON-Premium Work.

I offer a 10% Time Bonus for Customers who purchase and use 10 hours of my time, or 11 hours for the price of 10 (= $900 // 11, or $81.82//Hr.).

I refund unused hours within two business days of receiving your request.

All work is pre-paid; and no work is performed prior to payment.

Each Payment made Purchases a Specified Amount of professional Paralegal Time, which Amount of Time is Equal to the Amount Paid Divided by the applicable Hourly-Rate.

Terms and Conditions of Hourly-Rate Work

All work in Contested Matters is always Priced by the applicable Hourly-Rate, and shall always remain just that, Hourly-Rate Work Assignments. --- There shall be no conversion of Hourly-Rate Work Assignments to Fixed-Price Projects.

Should you decide that you are so unhappy with my Services that you want to Sue me for providing inferior or insufficient Services, then you Agree to Sue me only for the amount of money that you have Paid to me for Services. --- Further, you Agree to Venue in the Court of Competent Jurisdiction in the County of Rockland, State of New York, for any such Suit.

Legal Research and Writing Services are highly perishable: -- As soon as I perform the work and transfer it to you, it no longer has any value worth paying for. --- This is why all work is pre-paid, which is when it still has value.

Legal Research and Writing Services are traditionally priced in Hourly-Rate terms for the very simple reason that Research can reveal that different Theories of the Case may apply, or cause different Factual Patterns to be discovered or even other means of Redress to be found. --- Since it can never be known in advance how simple or complex that case may become, the only rational way to price this work is through an Hourly-Rate.

I am always happy to talk to people about these principles, but they are inviolable. --- If you demand a Fixed-Price or Work-First and Payment-Second, I will be happy to listen to you, but I will not ever accept any such Work Assignment.


For some folks who need Legal Services that can be estimated with some certainty, I offer Fixed-Prices.

Fixed-Price Services -- (Prices Do Not Include the Required Filing Fees)

$795 --- *** Un-Contested Divorce ---------- Add $150 for Child Support Worksheet (if necessary), and if you are rich enough to need a Net Worth Statement (few people are), then that is billed at my hourly rate.

$795 --- *** LLC or Corporate Formation ---------- Complete Service, including:

(a) Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization or Incorporation;

(b) Preparation and Execution of Operating Agreement or By-Laws;

(c) Filing Form SS-4 with the IRS for your Tax I.D. Number (formally known as a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN));

(d) Tax Registration with NYS; and

(e) Preparation and Filing of IRS Form 2553, to obtain S-Corp status, which allows you to avoid paying the Self-Employment Tax of 15.3% of reported profits.

$795 --- *** Preparation and Recordation of Deed ---------- Friendly Transfers Only (If you are giving a house to your son or daughter, or putting it into an LLC or Living Trust, etc.). [If you are purchasing from a stranger, please use a Real Estate Attorney.]

$795 --- *** Eviction ---------- All of the documents needed to put someone out of your house, including the Notice to Quit, Petition and Notice of Petition, Judgment for Possession and Warrant for Removal and ALL Affidavits of Service.

$745 --- ***Will Package*** ---------- 4 documents: -- Will; Power of Attorney; Advanced Medical Directive; Designation of Health Care Proxy. --- State-specific where appropriate.

Work Process for Hourly-Rate Work-Assignments

I Deliver all of my Work within a day or so of my performing it. I send Billing Messages within a day or so of performing all Work, and the Billing Messages have the Work performed either contained within the Message or else Attached thereto.

To start off, usually the first task is Document Review. Here, after I give your Documents a good read-through (or two), I will send you a message with my summary of what I have read and my proposed Litigation Strategy.

Next comes the Legal Research. Research results come in two ways. First, there are electronic files, usually MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF files, and since these files are generally small, I attach them to the message. Some Research Material is collected from Books, and that Material has to then be Scanned, and Scan Files are usually large, so they are Delivered to you via G-Mail's Drive feature.

Finally comes the Legal Writing. This is what the vast majority of Customers are interested in (understandably so), and it is where I really shine. I love to Write Legal Documents. Legal Writing is always done in MS Word, and so those Files are always small and are thus Attached to the Billing Message.

Recently, I have realized that many Customers would prefer to see some Writing production ASAP, so I have been considering altering my usual work flow so that I Write the Narrative Statement first, even before I have performed the required Research. This change does not in any way alter the total amount of time that I spend on any task, but rather it re-orders the work so that you, my Customer, get some Writing product ASAP.

Finally, my process is Research-intense, or Research-heavy. Not a few Customers object, with some openly stating that they want only to pay for the Writing, but not the Research. This request, of course, is impossible to grant. (I won't lie to you that I don't much like getting this request, seeing it as a veiled request for an additional discount, which I don't give to anyone.)

Although in most cases I will be able to enumerate a Litigation Strategy simply off of the Document Review, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the Research plays a primary role in dictating the Litigation Strategy.


I promise to act honestly and aggressively on your behalf, and never to sell you out, the way that all-too-many Lawyers routinely do.

I cannot guarantee you victory in any contested matter, but I can assure you that you'll get my best!

Thank you very much for your consideration of this Offer of Legal Research and Writing services.

Lawyer-Quality Paralegal-Service
John Sovak, Owner
Suffern, NY 10901
(201) 934-3306

(I Conduct My Business mostly in the Afternoon and Evening.)
(I usually start around 2 or 3 in the Afternoon, and Finish around 10 or 11 PM.)
(If you call me in the Morning, you will almost certainly be leaving me a Voicemail.)
(I Apologize for any Inconvenience.)

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