Real Property Cases: Quiet Title, Waste, Partition, Prescrptve Easemt (Standing-Up for the Awesome Folks of NNJ from the Mahwah-Vic)

license info: AAS (made Dean's List) Degree in Paralegal Studies from SUNY // Rockland Community College, Spring 2002.

(I Operate my Business almost exclusively in the Afternoons)
- (and Evenings (when most of the Demand is). I Start around)
- (2 or 3 in the Afternoon and go until about 10 or 11 in the late-Evening.)
- (If you call me in the Morning, you will almost-certainly be leaving me a
- (Voicemail. I Apologize for Any Inconvenience.)


I have recently been providing increasing amounts of Legal Services to Real Property Owners and other such Litigants.

I am familiar with all of the major Types of Real Property Litigation:

---------------------------------- WASTE ----- When a Co-Owner or Tenant of a Real Property Owner DOES NOT Maintain it Properly.

---------------------------------- PARTITION ----- When Co-Owners of Real Property Choose to Divide the Property, usually to Settle a Dispute, but obviously some Partitions are more Voluntary and Discretionary than Dispute-Settling in their Nature.

---------------------------------- QUITE TITLE ----- Action to Compel Determination of Ownership of Real Property. To give Legal Certainty to Owners of Real Property who have Cloudy, or Doubtful, Title to their Parcel.

---------------------------------- PRESCRIPTIVE EASEMENT ----- This Action is to secure access to Real Property, the access to which can only be obtained by Crossing the Property of Another.


All Work in Contested Matters is always priced in Hourly-Rate Terms.

My Hourly-Rate is $65.00 per Hour. I also offer an 11 for 10 deal, where I Offer 1 Free Hour for every 10 Hours Purchased and Used, which is Equivalent to an effective-Hourly-Rate of $59.09/Hr. (= $650 / 11).

All Work is Paid for in Advance, and no Work is performed prior to Payment.

All Payments made Purchase a Specified Amount of professional Paralegal Time, which Amount of Time is Equal to the Amount Paid Divided by the applicable Hourly-Rate.

There shall be no Conversion of Hourly-Rate Work Assignments into Fixed-Price Projects.


I am a very Knowledgeable and Aggressive person. If you hire me, you will be hiring someone who will Fight Hard on your behalf. Further, I am not susceptible to bribe-taking. (I care about money, yes. You Bet'cha I do. Just not enough to Disgrace myself by acting Unethically.)

[You'd be shocked how often I hear Customers tell me of their suspicions of bribe-taking by their Attorneys. (It's often camouflaged as Legal Work or Split Fees in another case.)]

Thank you very much for your consideration of this Offer of Legal Services.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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