Iphone 6 plus stolen by a ... (Flatbush)

.....feral hood degenerate. What else is new, right--fellow humans?

711 location at 845 Flatbush Ave. iPhone was accidentally left on a shelf a few moments later it was taken. To be painfully honest, this is the hood, where this store is riddled with lowly young "natives" of the hood stealing cans by the case in their ragged no name branded diggers. They're so dumb that they will steal in front of you and say to a cashier "stop snitching fool!" because ---oh right, we can't beat them upside their small heads or simply try to stop them.

This store is riddled with theft day and night...w/ no real store policy to quell this issue.

To the feral degenerate that has no conscience in doing such a thing: Sprint will tag phone as stolen. So even if some hack store "unlocks," Sprint will find it eventually. The video of you taken it will be sent to Prc. 70. The police said they can and will find you. I think I know who you are and what you look like, so that or karma will get you in the end. Your life (and image) doesn't get better when you do this kind of thing. When you were purchasing items you seemed nervous and that's enough to tell me that you took it before I realized.

I'm sorry you don't exist all that much in this world, but being a consummated thief isn't the answer.

Could I have been more objective and congenial about all this, yes. I've had this happen before ---to "people" like that, they don't care. It's really high time to be honest about what "people" like that really are. They are worthless. They know it. We know it. You know it. So who cares right?
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