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Hello New Jerseyan,

Welcome to Tropic Pro Handymen Painters. Very reliable and we love to serve all with our service.

_We charge $25 an hour for Senior Citizen's, widows, vets, and single mom’s....and $30P/H for all others on "Light Duty" Handy Man Service (WITH A ONE TIME SERVICE FEE).

_All other job's for example painting a whole room, house, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, basement remodel, garage floors, staining deck, power washing, or wall paper removal and many more services-are all flat rate service job. With a free estimate provided. NEED TO SEE THE JOB before a bill Issued.


Saved hundred's of NNJ residents $$ using our service and the work is A++. TRY US!

~Summary of interior painting when working on a job site.

We strive to do a great job at being neat and making sure your satisfied at all times with the work being applied to your home.

We have real good rate's and references- Licensed and registered in NJ under Tropic Pro Painting 0450062695.

We are very flexible with budget's-we can do just walls, or just ceiling, or just trim or combination of everything.


Items are placed in the center of the room and covered with Shield plastic and all floors are protected with drop cloths and paper taped edges. We go above and beyond to keep your floor spotless at all times, keeping a wet rag on us.

In this phase using Halogen or LED lights we brighten the area to see the true nature of your walls, we go ahead- mark nail pops and small/big holes to be filled

We sand debris off the wall especially fibers, grains, tape, and hair

We sand the window sill and we wipe off all the base trim, we fix cracks in the ceiling's in the prep phase, if beyond repair- we let you know.

Then goto spackle/ compound area's that need it and have been marked, while that's drying- we caulk all gap, and once dry we sand down those spots. If multiple rooms are being painted we start the next room while first room is drying.

Then we wipe walls down with a towel after powder is left from "dry spackle sanding" which we do with sand paper blocks( if this is an issue do to air born particles in the air while working, let us know we will transition to wet sanding). When we are done with this process we vacuum, sweep, and remove all debris left from sanding spots. After all we want smooth walls not grainy.

We like todo a thorough double check before we open any cans of paint. Once that is done -Ceilings are first. We start with this to alleviate double work.

Once ceilings are dry, even if you have crown molding, we go and work directly onto the walls.

Repaired areas are spot primed, we then paint walls in 2 coats- allowing dry time in between. We assure you we will leave a uniform finish. No flashing on the cuts vs rolls, and no bleeding of prior color as long as it's Benjamin Moore Paint brand's. One coat is only needed if your using same color and repainting ( SAVE$$ this way, because the job ends quicker)


We ask you remove your clothes/ shoes when we are about to start painting closets, we go ahead and make sure shelves are painted and if rod is painted we re paint it for you. We spackle any cracks and we wait for the drying, and caulk the trim that run at the base of the wall. When it has dried we apply your paint as selected and we sweep and clean up area when done.


Your window, wall, crown, and door trim are wiped down with moist rag and we look for any holes to fill with putty, we sand down the sill for the windows if rough-we lay a thin layer of ready patch and once dry we sand. Then area is cleaned to avoid grainy touch, we paint with a mix of fresh lint free wiz rollers and fresh clean/new brushes so it looks like a mirror when we are done.


We like to hit all for sides of the door- Edge on finish side and Hinge side, then we work our way to back of door and finish of with front, if we can remove and re install handles-we like to do that. If not we cover them with blue tape and check at end of the job for any paint that may be left behind. If they have paint already we will avoid adding to the collection. We DO install new door knobs and mini blinds on your window if they are on hand at the job.

When we reach the end of the job-

- Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations.
- Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept of all debris from job, outdoor area-swept grill patio furniture put back for deck staining
- Windows wiped down of all smudge from job.
- All of my materials are removed. All your paints are left behind. .

We start with scraping if a house, If it's a deck or fence we need to power wash all area's to a clean finish. Then we sand and rough area's. If board's are rotted we would need to get new boards and install them before the job can start.

When prepping is done we sweep and remove any chips or pieces and if home we start from the front at the top of the house and we work our way down. If it's a deck we start with spindles and then cut out where floor meets house and finish with the floor, down your steps. We then work on the outside and finish by cleaning and returning next day to double check and put furniture and grill back into their location.

FINISHING things UP with quality and fine pace!

I am affordable do to little over head I have no reason to shoot high price to you especially if it is one day work. In many situations projects have been completed based on the amount of time we put into the job, We are fast and quality production painter, No constant smoke breaks, errands, running to other jobs, Business calls are done with head set- so our hands are always moving, I do not drink nor use any drugs, so I am never sluggish, I try to select the same type of painter when we work in your place. Always honest so you can feel I am at all times trust worthy.

A little bit about Webber

Over 10 years experience

4Years with "Touch of the Brush"____I can slash any price Victor or Jack throws out here using the same techniques FOR LESS! without turning it into a science project.

2 Years with Mike at Rent A Husband Been trained by the best Deck Renovation Specialist and Power Washer in North NJ

3 Years "Rutgers" paint_____Once again I can slash their price and Wilber's and do the same work for cheap and not hit your pockets.

3 Years with my Mentor's, Steve and Fred Paints out of Randolph.......6 years with my uncle from 13 years old and up

We aim to keep our crew professional at all times so you feel comfortable with them in your home. They will have shown skills and accuracy when working on your project. We do not hesitate to touch up anything you want when we are done.


We simply need a call from you once you purchase the paint. After my free estimate I will give you a estimate sheet and a list of gallons you/I can purchase for your project. After purchase we set a start date & time.

****If your interested in Benjamin Moore. I get it for less $ than BEHR and VALSPAR. Great Prices!******

_After your inspection, all I ask is you tell others. o yea! and pay the bill of course. CA$H, VENMO, ZELLE, CASH APP, PAYPAL Are all accepted forms of payment.

_Pay in full when I am"done." Pay for paint up front after initial meet and greet and arranged start date. If your purchasing paint then you pay at the end if job is more than 5 rooms you pay 20% up front and 80% when job is complete.

_I have attached some pics of rooms and houses I finished painting recently, I upload new pics daily.

_1-(862)-201-1648. Call me for your free estimate & List with required amount

Full Room Package includes, 1 coat on the ceiling along with 1 cut, 2 coats on the wall along with 2 cuts, and 1 coat on all your window trims and base trims, with caulking applied to fill any gaps, and compound/sand all imperfections/holes/ nail pops.

I paint exterior of home's.Wood and Aluminum. "NO DRIPS ON YOUR STONE NOR PLANTS"

I try and finish and entire side in one day for each phase

Phase I: Prime and Scrap/Sand 1-3 days depending on How bad home is chipping and peeling.

Phase II: Painting. this is another 3-4 days In a week or week and a half I am usually done completely.

We do great band aid jobs on drywall, fix railings, replace loose tiles, fix steps on stairs, door knobs installed, Shower handle or head, bathroom fixtures, bathroom lights, assemble furniture.
We are highly affordable for your at home services.

CALL NOW! 1-(862)-201-1648 text if your text friendly pics and all, will help me give you a better estimate on time.

check out the website.


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Thanks for stopping by and looking through, once again please call to schedule your job especially if it's rush, since we try to accommodate everyone that desire's our service, which in return fill's our schedule rapidly.
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