Articulated Loader (Man & Machine For Hire) (Morristown)

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When completing tough yard tasks on finished properties, large tracked machines often cause unintended damage. Skid Steers, Bobcats, Big Tractors and Mini-Excavators are all BIG, EXPENSIVE & HEAVY MACHINES (min.weights range 5000 to 8000 lbs.) and when these turn if they have room, they tear up grass and they often sink. They leave customers with deep lawn gouges and scuff marks made all over. They don't always fit inside the targeted work areas and don't always pass through narrower gates. Often they damage asphalt driveways, depress & compromise paver stone walkways & split expensive bluestone slabs.

Don't make the very common mistake thinking that big construction equipment is a better choice. Masonry labor fees, stone replacement and fixing destroyed lawns sucks!

go to --> Loader4hiredotkom <--- it's a convenient, alternative, gentler solution for smarter North Jersey homeowners. Use our online booking & scheduling system for a fast reservation / date confirmation. See attached photos of our 2022 Cast 30T "Forest" Articulated Loader, This CAST 30T loader weighs only 2800 lbs, it's half of the weight of other common machines. However the CAST will lift up to 2000 lbs and it pulls and pushes perfectly using 2 speeds. Uniquely all articulated loaders pivot in the middle when they turn so that no grass is torn as it gently travels your property. Loaders get all of the hard work done fast. We alternate between two sets of special loader tires (1. Turf Only - (low flat tread pattern) & (2. Combo Tires - (knobbies + turf tread blended)

Another reason to choose man and machine service by an Articulated Loader is that loaders offer an extendable telescopic boom that can lift and reach across and into tight brush/shrubs to precisely dump bucket contents. It hinges and tips high over both dumpster and dump trailer side walls. Loaders with forks attachments can place or grab pallets far on to truck beds way better than others. This becomes important on confined streets and limited access.

Don't settle for using an expensive crawling tank! Skid Steers and Bobcats often are used because it's what your full service landscaper invested in and now he wants to use it on every possible project he can. Farm tractors also don't pivot lift swap attachments easy and they don't turn tight.

OTHER MACHINES have their strengths on open farms, on construction sites and UNFINISHED new/rough dirt but THEY DO NOT EXCEL ON SUBURBAN SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED ((((FINISHED RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES))).


  • Ripping up weed infested grass areas or turning in the entire yard, area leveling, rut and ditch removal and soil cultivation -tilling, core aeration and new lawn seeding.
    Smaller machine or Cast Loader is based on sq. feet of work.

  • Pre-order topsoil or other material 2 days before we arrive. For 3 to10 cu. yards - we will use our smaller Ditch Witch R300 "min skid" However for 10 to 30 cu. yards we use our loader to speed up and finish faster.

  • We use our R300 Zahn w/Stumper 220 attachment, Toro STX-38 Stump Grinder or large 55 hp. Rayco RG55R Grinder for big ones.
    We cleanup up the chips and fix the ground area as required.

  • We use both our R300 Ditch Witch Zahn Tool Carrier and our Cast Loader to tear out woods overgrowth, bushes & shrubs, tree parts and branch piles, ivy & pachysandra, thorns and berry brush, chip piles and rotted logs.

  • The Cast 30T and Zahn R300 are the perfect machines to help move large tree parts, plantable tree balls, boulders, large wooden or plaster beams and pallets under 2000 lbs. Using the telescopic boom makes placing items in hard to reach areas safe and is a breeze.

    FOR THE NEXT TWO: Flag your yard by contacting NJ One Call before you order. Main Gas Line, Main Water Line and Underground Electric Line must ALL be pre-marked for our machine to safety dig and this is required for insurance purposes. No exceptions made. It doesn't matter if the area you want to dig or trench is not close to where you think the utilities are. Flags always need to be up. Tell them you are digging without contractor if you want to schedule their visit yourself.

  • Safe, Stable and Accurate. We use our High Torque Auger Attachment mated with 4 Different Diameter bits to drill perfect holes to prep any yard project. Typical jobs are 36" deep we max.at 48 inches.
    We prep for Fences, Lights Poles, Solar Panel Mounts, Sheds or Deck Foundations, even for drainage solutions - i.e 50 Gal. Flow Well Dry Wells. Choose from a 9", 12" rock, 18", 30" diameter bits with optional shaft extension. Easy prep for tough sonotube installs.

  • - Need an electrical line run? Need swells or installing french drains? Need a patio pre dug? Need a new level created? Need planting holes? Need to do minor excavating? (max 3ft.) We are perfect fit.


    GAS TRAVEL TRAILER FEE Is calculated based on distance from Morristown to you and back
    (Ranges beteen $30-$75 and gas prices)

    TURF WORK minimum daily order is for 2 hrs. @ $230 per hr. (w/max 6 hrs. per day)

    3 to 10 cu. yards of landscape material book (miniskid4hiredotkom) w/2 hr. minimum @ $175 per hr. (max 6 hrs. per day)
    10 to 30 cu. yards of material book (loader4hiredotkom) w/2 hr. minimum @ $230 per hr. (max 6 hrs. per day)

    PRO STUMP GRINDING (each is quoted by text/photo showing scale or after in person visit)
    (minimum fee for any small stump is $150)

    VEGETATIVE CLEARING minimum daily order is for 2 hrs. @ $230 per hr. (w/max 6 hrs. per day)

    EARTH DRILLING - TRENCHING - DIGGING minimum daily order is for 2 hrs. @ $230 per hr. (w/max of 6 hrs. per day)


    A $25 Refundable Credit Card Reservation Fee Will Always Be Required.
    We also require 2 days (24 hrs.) of notice to cancel a machine reservation without losing this deposit.
    This prevents schedule abuse and needless loading and unloading of our trailers.
    The $25 reservation deposit will always be credited back on our emailed invoice once the job is completed.

    At Backyard Backup Services, LLC. we strive to satisfy every customer.
    10 Year in Operation - Independently Owned and Operated.
    Please utilize our online booking system on either of these websites
    Smaller sized jobs see - (miniskid4hiredotkom) or
    Larger tasks see - (Loader4hiredotkom)
    If you have any trouble call us or text us and we can help.
    Sometimes we need to come and see your potential job.
    We do not travel out to residence further than 1hr. radius around Morristown NJ.
    We are fully Insured & Licensed
    We do not work in wet - rain and muddy conditions. Jobs will be pushed forward due to weather delays when necessary.
    Our HIC License is listed on home page of our websites.
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