Vinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. - $9 (Belleville NJ)

Vinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 1 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 2 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 3 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 4 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 5 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 6 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 7 thumbnailVinyl Records $9. or Less. Long List. 8 thumbnail
condition: good
Foreigner "Self Titled" 1977. Atlantic SD 19109. "Feels Like the First Time". Original inner sleeve with lyrics. In Shrink with Hype Sticker. Like New. $9.
The J. Geils Band "Bloodshot" 1973. Atlantic SD 7260. Presswell Pressing. "Nice to see your face in the place". VG+. $9.
The J.Geils Band "Self Titled". VG. $8.
The J. Geils Band "The Morning After" 1971. Atlantic SD 8297. Light scuffs vinyl. Some wear jacket. VG+. $8.
Aerosmith "Rocks" 1976. $7.
Johnny Winter "John Dawson Winter 111" 1974. Blue Sky PZ 33292. Good. $6.
Edgar Winter's White Trash "Roadrock" 1972. Epic KEG 31249. 2LP's. Scuffs vinyl. Jacket Fair/good. Pitman pressing. $6.
The Moments "Collectors Addition Vol. 1" 1982. Victory VIC-701. Cut corner bottom left jacket. Excellent vinyl. $7.
Kid Creole and the Coconuts "Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places" 1981. Sire SRK 3534. Winchester pressing. Very nice vinyl. VG+. $8.
"The Best of the Lovin Spoonful" 1967. Gatefold. 4 photo inserts. VG+. $7.
John Mayall "The Turning Point" 1969. insert with lyrics. Light scuffs vinyl. VG+. $8.
John Mayall "Back to the Roots" 1971. Booklet. Gatefold. 2 LPs. Like new vinyl. $8.
Dave Mason "Headkeeper" 1972. In Shrink. Like New. $7.
Dave Mason "It's like you never left" 1973. VG+. $7.
Michael Perlitch "Keyboard Tales" 1972. VG+. $7.

Venus and the Razor Blades "Songs from the Sunshine Jungle" 1978. Visa Records IMP 7004. 2 light scratches side one. Side 2 excellent. Original inner sleeve. Lumpy label side 2. Very good jacket. $9.
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band "Self Titled" 1978. MCA 2323. VG+. $8.
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band "Meanwhile back in the States" 1978. VG+. $9.
The Orchestral Tubular Bells composed by Mike Oldfield and plays guitar. Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 1975. Virgin VR 13-115. In shrink, vinyl like new. $8.
Jimi Hendrix “Rare Hendrix” 1972. $8.
Jimi Hendrix “Crash Landing” 1975. some scuffs. $7.
"The Genius of Jimi Hendrix" 1974. scuffs. $6.
Buddy Miles "Them Changes" 1970. Mercury SR-61280. VG. $8.
The Ventures “Guitar Genius” 1967. $9.
The Ventures “Guitar Freakout” 1967. $9.
Jeff Beck “With the Jan Hammer Group” 1977. EPIC PE 34433. VG .$8.
Beck, Bogert, Appice 1973. Epic KE 32140. VG+. $8.

Herman's Hermits "Introducing Herman's Hermits" 1965. MGM E4282, Some scuffs and hairlines vinyl. Light wear jacket. $8.
Ernie Isley "Highwire" 1990. Elektra RA 60902-1. Specialty pressing. In Shrink. Jacket and vinyl like new. $7.
The Crusaders "Scratch" 1974. Blue Thumb BTS 6010. Jacket has some wear, Excellent vinyl. VG+. $7.
Cameo "Alligator Woman" 1982. Chocolate City CCLP 2021. Gold stamp Promo. VG+. $7.
Grace Jones "Nipple to the Bottle" 1982. Island Records 0-99964. 12 in.Single. 33+1/3 RPM. "Ja Guys". In shrink, Like New. $7.
Cheri "Murphy's Law" 1982. Venture Records VD-5019. 12 in. single. Like New. $7.
Re-Flex "The Politics of Dancing" 12 in. single 33+1/3 RPM. "Flex It!". In Shrink, Like New. VG+. $7.
The Boomtown Rats "A Tonic for the Troops" 1979. Like New. $7.
Steve Winwood "Back in the High Life" 1986. $8.
The Romantics "Self Titled" 1980. VG+. $9.

The Honey Drippers "Self Titled" 1984. Es Pananza Records 90220-1-B. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck. 12" 33+1/3 RPM EP. Good Jacket. Nice vinyl. VG+. $8.
Richie Havens "The Great Blind Degree" 1971. VG+. $9.
Willie and the Poor Boys "Self Titled" 1985. VG+. $8.
Randy Newman "Little Criminals" 1977. In Shrink. Excellent jacket and vinyl. VG+. $5.
Cream "Heavy Cream" 1972. 2LPs. Some scratches. $7.
Marshall Crenshaw "Field Day" 1983. Promo. Like New. $8.
M “The Official Secrets Act” 1980. Sire Records SRK 6099. Saw cut jacket left side top. In shrink, Like new. $7.
Steven Stills “Stills” 1975. Columbia PC 33575. Light scuffs, Lyrics on insert. VG. $8.
"Best of the Buffalo Springfield "Retrospective" 1969. $7.
Chet Atkins "And His Guitar" 1964. Mono. VG+. $7.
Chet Atkins "Picks the Best" 1967. VG+. $7.
Unforgettable Country Instrumentals. 1964. VG+. $7.
Roy Buchanan "Self Titled" 1972. $9.

The Doobie Brothers "Minute by Minute" 1978. Warner Bros BSK 3193. Good jacket. Light scuffs vinyl. $8.
Daryl Hall and John Oates "Along the Red Ledge" 1978. RCA AFL1-2804. In shrink. Light scuffs vinyl. Original inner sleeve with lyrics. VG+. $7.
Flashdance "Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture" 1983. Casablanca 422-811. VG Jacket. Vinyl like new. $8.
Carrera "Self Titled" 1983. Warner Bros 9-23902. Promo Like New. $6.
A Taste of Honey "Self Titled" 1978. Capitol ST-11754. In Shrink. Vinyl like new. $7.
John Sebastian "Self Titled". VG+. $8.
John Sebastian "The Four of Us". 1971. Like New. $7.
Buddy Holly and the Crickets "20 Golden Greats" 1978. VG+. $9.
Janis Joplin "Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits" 1973 $9.
Linda Ronstadt "Greatest Hits" 1976. $8.
Earth, Wind and Fire "Head to the Sky" 1973. Gatefold. VG+. $8.
Alice Cooper "Flush the Fashion" 1980. Promo. VG+. $8.
Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” 1984. Very good. $9.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band "Solar Fire" 1973. Light scuffs. $7.
Mountain "Nantucket Sleighride" 1971. Booklet with drawings and lyrics. $8.
Santana "Abraxas" 1970. Columbia PC 30130 . Gatefold. Some scuffs vinyl. Some wear jacket. $7.
Leslie West "Mountain" 1969. $7.
Ten Years After "Undead" 1968. $7.
Christopher Cross "Self Titled" 1979. Warner Bros BSK 3383. Very good jacket. Nice vinyl. VG+ $7.
"Frederic Hand's Baroque and on the Street" Frederic Hand, Eric Weissberg. 1981. CBS FM 36687. In shrink with hype sticker. Like new. $7.

Only able to visually grade all vinyl.
Hundreds of vinyl records available from my collection.
Let me know what you are looking for. Mostly 1970’s and 1980’s.

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