$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. - $5 (Belleville NJ)

$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 1 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 2 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 3 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 4 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 5 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 6 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 7 thumbnail$5.00 vinyl records. Long List. Six for $25. 8 thumbnail
condition: good
The Steve Miller Band "Book of Dreams" 1977. Capitol SO 11630. Original inner sleeve. Jacket good. Vinyl very good. $5.
Willie and the Poor Boys "Self Titled" 1985. Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers. VG+. $5.
The Mamas and the Papas "Farewell to the First Golden Era" 1967. "California Dreamin'","Monday Monday". $5.
Dave Brubeck and Jay + Kai "At Newport" 1956. Columbia CL 932 6EYE. Mono. Good. $5.
The Orchestral Tubular Bells composed by Mike Oldfield and plays guitar. Performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 1975. Virgin VR 13-115. In shrink, vinyl like new. $5.
Eddie Money "Self Titled" 1977. Columbia PC 34909. VG+. $5.
The Earl Slick Band " 1976. Capitol ST-11493. Lyrics on inner sleeve. Cut out hole jacket top left. VG+. $5.
The Doors 1967. Debut album. Elektra EKS 74007. Stereo. Light wear Jacket. Light scratches and scuffs Vinyl. "Light My Fire" $5.
The Butterfield Blues Band "East West". 1966. Elektra EKL-315. A couple of scratches side one. Light wear jacket. $5.
Albert Lee Hiding" 1979. In Shrink VG+. $5.
Phil Garland "Dreams of a Boy" 1982. Promo. Like new. $5.
Garland Jeffreys "Ghost Writer" 1977. A+M Records SP-4629. Gatefold. (Steve Gadd-drums). VG+. $5.
Earth, Wind and Fire "Head to the Sky" 1973. Gatefold. VG+. $5.
James Taylor “JT” $5.
Paul Simon “Live Rhymin’."Paul Simon in Concert". Light scuffs vinyl. Good jacket
Paul Simon “Greatest Hits" Gatefold. Light scuffs vinyl. Good jacket. $5.
Kenny Rogers "Greatest Hits" 1980. Liberty LOO-1072. "Lady" In shrink. A couple of hairlines side one. Jacket and vinyl like new. $5.

Scritti Politti "Wood Beez. version"1984. 12 in. Maxi single. 45 RPM. "Absolute version". Like New. $5.
Ric Ocasek "Prove" 1982. Geffen Records PRO-A-2002. 12 in. Single. 45 RPM. Promo. B side "Connect up to Me". VG+. $5.
Comateens "Get Off My Case" 1983. Mercury 814 079-1. In shrink, Like new. $5.
Any Bolton "Get Up and Get It" 1983. Atlantic DMD 639. 12 in. single. 33+1/3 RPM. Promo. VG+. $5.
Carmel "More, More, More". Single version.1984. Warner Bros. PRO-A-2203. 12 in. single. 33+1/3 RPM. "Bad Day". (LP version. Like New. $5.
Adele Bertei "Build Me a Bridge" 1983. Geffen Records G-20128. 12 in. single. 45 RPM. Produced by Thomas Dolby. VG+ $5.
Nona Hendryx "Transformation" 1983. RCA PD-13560. 12 in. single. 33+1/3 RPM. "Design for Living" Like New. $5.
Charlie "It's Inevitable" Long version. 1983. Mirage DMD 646. 12 in. single. 33+1/3 RPM. Promo. Vinyl Like New. $5.
New Horizons "Your Thing is Your Thing" 1983. Columbia 44-03888. Gold stamp promo. Jacket corners bent, Vinyl Like New. $5.
Baumann "Strangers in the Night" 1983. Portrait 4R9-04029. 33+1/3 RPM. 12 in. single. In shrink, Like New. $5.
Philly Sound Works "Who Needs Enemies" 1983. PSW 777. 33+1/3 RPM. 12.in. single. 117 BPM. B side "Friendly Vibes" Like New. $5.
Funkapolitan "Self Titled" 1982. Pavillion FZ 37969. Promo. VG Jacket. Vinyl Like new. $5.
James Brown "Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud" 1991. PTO 930. Promo. Like new vinyl. $5.

John Mayall "Empty Rooms" 1969. VG+ $5.
John Mayall "USA Union" 1970. Light scuff vinyl. VG+ $5.
Nektar "Down to Earth" 1974. PPSD 98005. Scratch side 2. VG+. $5.
Nektar "Recycled" 1976. VG+. $5.
The Shirts "Self Titled" 1978. Capitol SW-11791. In shrink. VG Jacket. Vinyl like new. $5.
Alberta Hunter "Classic Alberta Hunter" 1978. Like New. $5.
Alberta Hunter "Amtrak Blues" 1980. Like New. $5.
Alberta Hunter "Look For the Silver Lining" 1983. VG+. $5.
The Blues Brothers "Made in America" 1980. $5.
Santana "Amigos" 1976. $5.
The Dillards “Roots and Branches” very good $5.
Hank Williams On Stage Volume II. Live Performance! Hank Williams And His Drifting Cowboys* With Audrey Williams. 1963. MGM SE-4019/ SE 3918. Original inner sleeve. Stereo. Very good jacket. Vinyl like new. $5.
Rick Wakeman "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" 1973. SP-4361. Near mint. $5.
Jesse Colin Young “Song For Julie” 1973. $5.
Jesse Colin Young “Light Shine” 1974. $5.
Dave Mason "It's like you never left" 1973. VG. $5.
Rare Earth "In Concert" 1971.Back Pack Jacket. 2LP's VG. $5.
Focus "Dutch Masters" 1975. VG+. $5.
Mountain "Flowers of Evil" Scuffs on vinyl. Good jacket. $5.
Mountain "Mountain Live" Scuffs on vinyl. Good jacket. $5.
Raspberries "Fresh" 1972. VG. $5.
The Grassroots "Move Along" 1972. Some scuffs vinyl. Very good jacket. $5.
Tom Rush "Wrong end of the rainbow" 1970. Very good vinyl and Jacket. $5.

Herbie Mann "Memphis Underground" 1969. Original inner sleeve. Some scuffs vinyl. Very good jacket. VG+. $5.
Herbie Mann "Glory of Love" 1968. CTI. A+M SP 3003. Gatefold. Original inner sleeve. Some scuffs vinyl. Very good jacket. VG+. $5.
Herbie Mann "Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty" 1970. Some scuffs vinyl. VG+. $5.
Supersax Plays Bird 1973. Capitol ST-11177 Jacket has some wear. Vinyl is excellent. $5.
Cat Stevens "Teaser and the Firecat" 1971.Gatefold. Some scuffs vinyl. Very good jacket. $5.
Charlie Barnet "A tribute to Harry James" 1959. Crown Records CST 146-2. Side seams split. Red vinyl.VG+. $5.
Woody Herman "Giant Steps" 1973. Fantasy records F9432. Initials on jacket back. very good vinyl. VG+. $5.
"Cornet Favorites" 1974. Gerard Schwarz, William Bolcom. Nonesuch H-71298. Stereo. Some wear jacket. Excellent vinyl. $4.
Rickie Lee Jones "Girl at Her Volcano" 1983. Warner Bros. 1-23805. 10 in. record. Like New. $5.
Nursery School "Sweepstakes Part 1 and 2" 1983. Epic 49-04023. 12 in. single. In shrink. Jacket and vinyl Like New. $5.
Pete Seeger "Birds, Beasts, Bugs,+ Bigger Fishes" 1955. Folkways Records FP 7011. 10 in. record. Cool looking record. Probably meant for kids. Lyric insert. B side has scratch. $5.
Neil Larson "Jungle Fever" 1978. Horizon SP-733. Promo. Very good jacket. Excellent vinyl. $5.
Neil Larsen "High Gear" 1979. Horizon SP-738. Light scuffs vinyl. Jacket excellent. $5.
David Kubinec "Some things never change" 1979. A+M Records SP-4766. Produced by John Cale. Promo. Jacket + Vinyl excellent. $5.
Lenny Zakatek "Self Titled" 1979. A+M SP-4777. Promo. An Alan Parsons production. Light wear jacket. Vinyl like new. $5.
Rod Stewart "A Night on the Town" 1976. Warner Bros BS 2938. Some light scratches vinyl. Some wear jacket. $5.
YOU "Self Titled" 1980? Empire Records DR 1114 EC. Recorded in East Orange, NJ. Excellent jacket and vinyl. $3.

Buy 5 records and get one free! 6 records for $25.
Only able to visually grade all vinyl.
Hundreds of vinyl records available from my collection.
Let me know what you are looking for. Mostly 1970’s and 1980’s.

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